Friday, 6 January 2012

Thurs. Jan 5, 2012

I have begun to look like a wooly sheep, so I was VERY happy to go to the hairdresser and get shorn.  The folk there are very nice and they are fluent in English so that makes you feel much more comfortable.

We went to the car tax office again.  After two hours, Brent emerged with the the stickers to put on the car!!!   Then, as it was prep. day and I needed new shoes, we went to "The Mall."  It was wonderful - it was very much like ours at home - lots of familiar store names and modern.  We understand it was built for the Olympics and is quite near the Olympic stadium complex.  I was able to get some "Clark's" shoes with good support and in Marks & Spencer I got two tops that were on sale.

Tomorrow is a holiday for the Greek Orthodox and most stores will be closed, so we did a quick shop on the way home because we are going to Thessaloniki on Saturday.  We tried to find out what the holiday was about, but seemed to get a different answer from everyone we asked!!   However, the word Epiphany is the answer I think - but we're still not sure what the means and haven't got time to research it just now.

Tonight, which is 24 hours since we effected the first money transfer, we tried to do a second one.  It wouldn't work - even for the girl who was bring to assist us.  We'll try in the morning.

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