Saturday, 14 January 2012

Thurs. January 12th

We went very early, down to the Citibank.  All of the money had come through and we were able to get a document saying that we had the necessary funds to begin our residency process and we will meet the lawyer on Tuesday morning at the place where we need to do it.

The modem is dead and I have a pile of stuff that has to be done on the 'net.'  The funny thing about yesterday was that the few times we were 'on' it made it possible for us to receive a couple of crucial emails and get off some quick answers.  If it wasn't so frustrating to not have internet, I would have to say that today was a great day - I caught up on so much - little bits and pieces that have been accumulating that I didn't know what to do about etc.  We are definitely looking tidier.

For two days now, we have waited for DHL to deliver a package that they tried to deliver here on Monday while we were traveling back from Thessaloniki.  All they would tell us was that the delivery would be made some time between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. so when Brent called them again today, he got a different person who didn't hang up on on him this time and she checked into the matter and told Brent that the package had not been assigned to be delivered the last two days!!!  It should be delivered sometime tomorrow between 10 - 5!!!!

I guess the snow is finished, however, there is still lots of white on the hills around Athens - it is pretty.

The modem fellow came at 5:30 tonight - he is a very nice Greek man about Mike's age, but had lived on Staten Island for three year and so he was fluent in English - hooray!  It didn't take him long to tell us that we needed a new modem and unfortunately,  the one he brought with him was not the right one.  He asked to see our bill for our internet in order to see what kind of connection we had.  In the process of reading our bill, which was all in Greek, he told us that he could see that we were going to be cut off pretty soon as our automatic withdrawal process wasn't working.  Just before we got here, couple of the mission credit cards were compromised - one was the mission office card - and nobody had gone to this company to give them the number of the new credit card.  If the modem hand' t died, we might have lost our internet a/c which would have just doubled our problems.  Brent & I quickly went down to "The Mall" where there was an office of our internet company which was open for late shopping and paid the outstanding bill and filled out a form with the new credit card number and hope that that is all we have to do to prevent us losing the a/c.  We also asked them if they had the kind of modem that we needed  -  they didn't have one, but told us to go to Plaisio (the office supplies store like "Staples") which was just around the corner from them on the same floor.  They didn't have one either, but gave us a phone number to try tomorrow morning.  When we got back home, we called our modem guy and he is going to try that company in the morning and will call us by noon with the results.


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