Friday, 20 January 2012

Thurs. January 19th

We went out fairly early the office supplies store - had to get some laminating film and Brent purchased a little recorder and a GPS!!!  Should help a bit in getting around.  Then we went to Carrefour - it's a bigger grocery store and you can only get some things there - which we needed - plus we had a big shop to do because of the number of people coming to our Greece Athens Mission conference.  So that took all morning.  In the afternoon we made a big pot of soup as Smith's don't arrive until 7:00 pm and we don't know if they will have eaten on the plane.  It worked out well as they had a little bite when they got here anyway.  It was good to see them again - we first met them in the MTC just before we left and they came a little later, but went to Cyprus.

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