Thursday, 26 January 2012

Thurs. January 26th

Well, I got one of the big orders off today, so that's a good thing.  On preparation day morning, the Assts. come to the office and use the computers to do their letter home.  It's always fun to have them around - they are a breath of fresh air from our normal day.

Early today though, we went down to the immigration office to get our "blue certificates" as the lawyer had called yesterday to say that they were ready.  We were expecting to have a long wait in a line-up, but we walked in, stood in line, immediately the people in front were trying to tell us something about where we should be  -  pointing over to some seats.  It was all in Greek of course and another girl in line turned to tell us in halting English some instructions, however, the door to the office opened and this lady came out with our certificates in hand and we were done.  We then left and are still wondering what it was that we had not done right as far as that line-up was concerned.  It was interesting that the lady inside the office was aware that we were there and had everything ready to go etc!!   Quite often as we are out and about, when coming face to face with someone, without us saying anything, they start off talking to us in English!!  I guess we stick out like a sore thumb.

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