Saturday, 14 January 2012

Tues. January 10th

It's three months since we entered the MTC!   Time is rushing by.

I tried to get on to the Citibank online banking to see if the second transfer of money had made it, but I couldn't get in!!  Brent phoned the bank and it had not appeared there yet.

There was lots to catch up on today, because we were gone on Saturday and Monday, however, our internet connection was behaving poorly.  Last week, Brent had to reset the modem, but it was worse today - I think he reset it six or seven times!!!    Not very convenient to say the least and with meetings all day tomorrow, we had emails etc. to do in preparation for the meetings.

The weather turned bitterly cold this morning with wind blowing and rain pelting down.  Several times Brent saw the odd snowflake!!  It was so cold in the office (even with the heat turned on high) I was wearing two tops and two sweaters and some boots that come up my leg higher than my skirt hem!!!  It's crazy.

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