Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Tues. January 17th

We went down to the Immigration "office"  - it was on the ground floor of a smallish building.  There was a municipal office in the front part, and the immigration office was back of that.  it occupied a space about as big as our living room with two wickets in front.  Ethel (our lawyer) met us there.  You take a number and line up and it must have been about a half hour before Ethel reached the wicket.  Firstly she was to pay 300 euros for the applications and when she attempted to do so, the reply was "Oh!  we can't do that today, we don't have any receipts"!!!   Now, keep in mind that on Friday, we get kicked out of the country if we don't have our residency application started - and - this office is only open Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays!! We were stunned!  Could they not do it on a piece of paper - is there not a way to do it on their computer??  However, Ethel, being to little go-getter that she is, pushed ahead and firmly requested that she be able to get the paperwork done and then on Friday all we have to do is pay for it and get a receipt.  They gave in to her and that means that all our paperwork has yesterday's date on it which is a very good thing. Tune in for the next episode.

There were ice patches on our marble sidewalk (extremely slippery) and on the streets this morning - a bit of a rarity for Athens - but still we can't complain as we know Calgary is sitting the minus 30s!!

We just learned that the Counsellor to Pres. Charles, Pres. Smith & Sis Smith are having trouble with their residency papers in Cyprus which has resulted in them not being able to fly over for our Greece Athens Mission Conference this weekend.  It would seem that Greece is not the only immigration dept. that could use some reforming!   The sad part about it for Brent and I is that they, having been a former office couple here (before the Andros') were going to coach us in some of the things that we need to know more about in the office.  Oh well!

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