Thursday, 26 January 2012

Tues. January 24th

I have begun to prepare earlier for "month end" to see if I can relieve the pressure a bit that always seems to beset me at this time.  In the process, I have let the blog go a little bit and am now paying "catch-up" and it is not working very well because I'm having trouble remembering everything that has transpired!!  Preparing the Monthly Supplies order is very time consuming as you have to contact the District Leaders in Cyprus, Thessaloniki, the Acropoli and Halandri to get their orders, then sort out what we can supply from here and what we need to order in  -  with the right product numbers and languages attached.

I was back to the dentist again today - this time to have impressions done - so the end is getting closer - two more appointments I think.  I'll be really glad to have it all finished.

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