Saturday, 14 January 2012

Wed. January 11th

BRrrr!  It is SNOWING!!  Big heavy snowflakes - very wet - and while it did build up on the cars for a while, it melted fairly quickly - but the hills are still white.

Well!  the modem has all but died.  Every now and again, it would work for about 5 or 10 minutes and then die.  There are some things we do - like entering reports on a church programs that once you begin, if you don't finish it, you lose the data you have entered, so we were reluctant to start any of that.  We have a man that helps on our technical stuff, but he was not totally sure that the modem was the problem as it should not have kept starting up again!!  So, we sit and wait for the thing to die or for the powers that be decide what course to take!!

As usual on our meeting day, there was lots of people here and getting work done was not easy - so I just try not to have plans to do very much and devote my time to helping with any needs that they have.  There is much visiting between sessions and it is a fun day mostly.

Pres. Charles didn't get finished until 7:30 at which time he told those of us that were left - just Brent & I and the Assts. to grab our coats and we went to the Noodle Bar for supper.  That was neat.

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