Thursday, 26 January 2012

Wed. January 25th

Wednesday again - our meetings day!  We had fewer people here today because of illness - only 9.  We served a little lunch.  It was going to be pita pockets with egg salad filling.  We do the eggs with chopped celery and green onion mixed with mayonnaise.  Split the pockets, lay a bed of lettuce in them and put the egg on top of that  -  but  -  when we cut the "pockets" - they were thinner than usual and were never meant to open, so we just cut them in wedges and put the egg mixture in a bowl in the centre of a platter and arranged the pitas around that - it worked OK, but I was sure surprised when we could open those pitas!

Elder Mower - CES person - was here and he is interested in making a video of the couples here in Greece with view to send the video home to our Stake Presidents to maybe use in our Stakes to encourage more seniors to come on missions!!  Bren & I were his first guinea pigs.  We'll have to see how far this is going to go!

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