Friday, 6 January 2012

Wed. January 4, 2012

Hooray!  We finally managed to open a bank account.  We went back down to the Tax office to have them add our address to their form.  They wouldn't!  but did tell us that with the documentation that we had we should be able to open a bank a/c - and she wrote a note for us to take to the bank and told us to have them call her if there was a problem. This is the first time someone seemed to be going to bat for us - it felt good.  Back to the bank - and the man there read the note and proceeded to look at our documents and after nearly two hours of processing, we have an a/c.

Brent had to go to yet another tax office (they have tax offices for everything) to get the car tax paid thinking that he had everything they needed - but no! he was missing the "green card."   Needless to say, he was disgusted because he had to wait in line for ages, just to be told that!  He'll try again tomorrow.

We had another frustrating experience tonight - we tried to wire transfer money into our new a/c here.  Oh boy!  we finally had to phone for help - even then, we probably drove the girl nuts as we kept getting things wrong, but after about 45 mins. or so we were successful - but only partially as there was a limit to what amount we could transfer - so we have to do it once again!

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