Saturday, 18 February 2012

Fri. Feb. 17th 2012

Out to the airport again first thing as we were assigned to pick up a couple coming from the Albanian Mission - now know as the Southern Adriatic Mission as of last Sunday.  It has expanded a lot - taking in about three or four other countries.  So now there is a "Southern" or "South" Adriatic Mission and a "North Adriatic Mission.  That's where Elder Kay is serving who is Dave's nephew.  Anyway, Elder & Sis. Willis are a Humanitarian couple and are here to check out opportunities where help can be provided for Greek people.  We really enjoyed meeting them - she is originally from Dublin, so you know she has to be nice!!!  Brent and I were asked to join the group taking them to lucy,so that was a real bonus.  The rest of the day we focused on cramming as much work in as possible before we had to go out to the airport again to fetch the Assts. who were coming back from Cyprus too - but that wasn't until 11pm - so we had a really late night  - for us!

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