Friday, 24 February 2012

Fri. Feb. 24th 2012

Busy, busy today.  Deadline day for a lot of "end of month" things.  I was trying to get the Supplies Order done and Brent had to take off to pay a bill and a senior couple, the Maxwells, plus two elders came to get the van so they could move furniture out of an apartment that's being closed as one couple has finished and is going home.  So there was quite and interruption with that - and then there was the phone - and then the Assts. came back to do some jobs and returned our bleach saying that it had worked - and I was just going nuts trying to concentrate with the orders and tend to everything else.  Somehow, I got it done and then Pres and Sis. Charles came by and we ended up going out for our supper.  That was really nice.

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