Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Mon. Feb. 13th 2012

Kind of a normal start to our Monday, but that changes very quickly upon receiving a phone call from the Assts. (no doubt as President's bidding) to tell us to go to the store and buy enough "long lasting type food"  to last us a week.  The exporters/importers are likely going to strike!!   That generated a few phone calls from missionaries who were low on funds that we had to assist with.  Brent went to the store with a just a bit of a list for us (just in case) as we already have quite a lot of foods in our pantry  -  however, the missionaries usually do not, so it's good that we were warned for their sakes.

Next thing was a call from Canada asking if we were OK as they had been watching news about the riots in downtown Athens - apparently 45 building burned and over 100 people injured!!  We are 15 KM from that area and hadn't a clue as to what was going on.   We just kept plugging away at our jobs here and everything was hunky-dory!

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