Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Mon. Feb.6th

Our missionaries from Thessaloniki plus the Colliers (a senior couple) arrived about 3:00 p.m. Everyone began to settle in - four elders in the downstairs apartment, and the Colliers and the two sister upstairs on or floor.  The two sisters and two of the elder had to go over to the Mission Home to a meeting, leaving just two elders and the four of us old foagies upstairs.  It started raining and the elder were thinking of going to the store to purchase something for their supper (they are supposed to be self-sufficient in the apartment downstairs - but we guess that the Assts. hadn't brought in any food for them) when dad gave them a twenty and told them to order in something.  We would have just had them come and eat with us, but rules are rules - so they ordered from the Noodle Bar (an Asian type take-out), so they were taken care of.  We had just finished eating and were doing the dishes, when the thunder and lightning began and the rain came down in buckets.  It went on and on - it seemed like the storm just hovered over top our our little mountain and was not moving anywhere.  We are situated on the side of this little mountain, and the water started backing up and flooded a large area of the basement, boiler room and storage  area - most of the area was under about 3 in. water - however the boiler room is situated a little lower than the rest of the basement and had about a foot of water in it and it shut down automatically when it became flooded and the whole place stank of sewage back-up!.  When we saw the extend of the flooding and realized we were loosing the battle, we called over to the Mission Home for help.  They came en masse, and we found ourselves with about 16 elders in - armed with bucket, mops and anything that would move water and a ton of enthusiasm.  We had made other phone calls to Church Physical Facilities and eventually their men arrived with a pump.  However, that pump was too small for the job.  One of those guys called the fire brigade   - they came - then there was lots of talk and gesturing (with us watching and not knowing what was going on, but guessing it was negative).  A couple of elders were helping Dad communicate with them and it turned out that the problem with the fire brigade was that their hoses were too big for the job!!  So they went and that left the plumber guy and a helper and Dad and six missionaries to help.It was getting late and the other missionaries had gone to bed.  Then we had missionaries' wet and messy pants to deal with.so Sis. Collier and I set about collecting pants to put in the washer and drier (about 10:30pm).  Dad and the two guys kept trying to find the problem because it smelled really bad.   About 11:30 they found a blockage and were able to clear that - so some of the water in the basement was then cleared with the help of two elders that had the fortitude to stick with it until 2am, bless their hearts.  Don't know if the boiler will work tonight though!

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