Saturday, 11 February 2012

Sat. Feb. 11th 2012

Well the demonstrations and strikes are in full force.  We picked up some news of the riots downtown on our computers  - some good coverage from London and yea! from CTV - which was most clear and enjoyable to watch - not so much the content, but the production.

Went shopping as usual, but our cleaning lady didn't make it here because of the strikes - she lives way across town.  Two of our elders were able to make it up to Kifissia on the "Green Line" metro which somehow was running (according to the notices, it wasn't supposed to be running!) - although it took them twice as long to get here than normal. One of those elders was one of the elders whose bank card was compromised about three weeks ago, and although he was told then to draw out enough money to last him for two weeks (before they closed that a/c), he really needed to get his new one which had arrived here, but we had no way to get it to him.  Brent went down to the station to meet the train (Kifissia is the end of the line up this way) where he gave them their items and they just hopped back on and headed back to their area.  They said the train was extremely packed and was stopping at every station for the maximum time with lots getting off and on.

I had some big orders come in yesterday and already had two boxes sitting there from a previous order, so I "went to town" on that and got it all put away.  In the process (and likely the reason I didn't get the previous order put away) I had to sort some of the items into new language categories and make space for them.  We have books and other supplies in 34 languages in our Mission!  And I'm having trouble learning Greek!!!!?

Brent said - @ 04:59:44.3 (the clock said 5:00) the Athens Geological Department recorded a 2.8 magnitude quake @ 38:07,  23.88 and a depth of 15 km.  Our location is 38.082626,  23.833211.  So it was centered about 1/2 mile south and 3 miles east of us.  I didn't feel much shaking, I just heard what sounded like about 3 seconds of thunder  -  big deal I know!!  No damage - no injuries - just no real excitement.


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