Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sat. Feb. 25th 2012

It is the most gorgeous day.  It is showing 18C. and the sun is shining in an almost cloudless sky.  Haven't seen this since last November and I am loving it.

I made a horrible boo boo this morning when booking flights.  I have trouble with the 24 hour clock system that is in use here and in many other parts of the world, of course, but not something I'm used to.  I was supposed to book return flights for the evening, but got mixed up with the times and made the booking for the morning and didn't realized it until we were discussing what the arrival time would be in Athens - I knew it was supposed to be about 9:30pm.  -  but I had them coming back at 9:30am!!!  The really bad part is the cost of rescheduling - even if the original booking was done on the same day, you were still charged 50 euros each!! - Ouch.

Brent went with the Assts. to an appointment with an older lady who is a cousin of a former Greece Athens Mission President.  He was here just before Pres. & Sis. Charles.  He is Greek, but has lived in Australia for many years.  This lady lives a little ways out of Athens and on such a beautiful day I envied Brent going.   He found her to be a very nice person - very well read - speaks 6 languages and has lived many places in the world.  They left a Book of Mormon with her and will check back later.

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