Monday, 20 February 2012

Sun. Feb. 19th 2012

It was an interesting Sunday!  Because of the riots/demonstrations, all the members of Acropoli Branch were invited to Halandri Branch.  On a good Sunday, Halandri might have 30 in attendance, but yesterday we had 88.  I'm sure there were quite a few Acropoli members that didn't come, but it was really nice to have so many  - it felt almost like an normal ward.

We went to the Mission Home with Elder and Sister Willis for lunch which was really nice.  Sis. Charles served soup, then ham and chicken, baked potato strips and we provided our Zucchini, Tomato, Onion, Cheese dish.  That was followed by Blanc Mange, jello and ice-cream.  We had a great visit after and learned lots about Albania.  We thought we had it bad with the Greek language!!  In Albanian, "Yes" is "po"  - sounds like"pour" and at the same time, moving your head from side to side, like you do when you are saying "no"  -   then, when you say "no" in Albanian it is "jo" and sounds like"Yee-oh" the "o" being the short "o" sound, as in "hop" and the head is nodding up and down like we do when we say "Yes"!!!  They also said that the traffic is worse in Albania than in Greece!!  They said there are no traffic lanes and if there are any traffic rules, they either don't know about them, or they don't obey them.  When trying to walk across roads, you literally have to dodge cars as they are going every "which-way" to begin with.  Fruit and Veges are wonderful there, but other foods are fairly expensive.They have been having the same problem as do all senior couples going to a foreign speaking mission - not understanding labels, or
street signs (when they have them), but the people are very friendly.  Mostly, Albanians are quite poor by our standards  - there is about 40% unemployment!

Back to the airport this evening to pick up the Assts. from Thessaloniki.  We are really tired!


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