Monday, 27 February 2012

Sun. Feb. 26th 2012

Today we were invited to dinner at the home of Sean & Alyson Frost.  Our 3rd invite to a member's home since we got here.  It was great - they are the nicest people and they have four children - roughly the same family situation as Brenda and Dave's.  Their home is amazing - it is huge and unlike most homes in Greece, they have a very large garden area.  It is situation on a steep slope and has (on a non-smog day) a fantastic view of Athens.  The house is rented  - the landlady lives downstairs which is common here.  I've said before that these houses are huge because they expect their children will live in it on another floor or side-by-side (duplex) kind - so the home just stays in the family "forever."  This house is very "open area" style.  The entry is big enough to be a separate room all by itself (about 15x20ft.) and has stairs going up to the top level on one side.  To the right of the foyer is a large archway and a couple of steps going down into a huge space - we are guessing about 50 x 20ft. It runs the whole length of the house.  The floor is all white marble.  Toward the front, is a formal lounge area - in the middle it is just open space (an area rug and small wall table I think, and wonderful windows) and at the back part, you go up a couple of steps into an area that is like their family room (comfortable couches, TV etc).  To the left of the foyer - we didn't get a good look at the front, but there seemed to be a couple of rooms there - we could hear the older kids in one of them watching TV or something - the little kids were over in that family room watching Disney!!  (It was so much like home, it wasn't funny!  Also to the left of the foyer was a dinning room and then behind that and the foyer was this huge kitchen, with tons of cupboards and drawers.  I guess it is more "Americanized" than the average Greek home - but it was wonderful.  We had a super visit with them.


This is the Halandri chapel where we meet.  It is the only Church built facility in Greece.  All other buildings are rented.


IMG 0758

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