Sunday, 5 February 2012

Sun February 5th

At church today, we had a visitor from Colorado.  He's looking for a house and is going to bring his family over here because of his job with Nokia-Seimens.  As he was telling a group of us, one of the group made to feel his forehead, asking him if he was feeling OK?  Yes!  most people you talk to here are looking for a way out of Greece at the moment!!

There is a man named Ralph who has been in our Branch for about 10 years.  He has a very sad story.  He was born in Greece, abandoned, and adopted to an American family in the States when he was six years old and he lived there up until the time he was deported from the States back to Greece about 10 years ago with no credentials for Greece even though he was born here.  We understand that he has changed a lot over the past 10 years here - going from a "lost soul" and gradually becoming a loved and respected member of our Branch.  So you can imagine our excitement upon learning this past week, that he finally got his "real" birth records and recognition as a Greek citizen.  All those years, a person without a country, and he has been struggling without being able to have health care and other benefits afforded to Greek citizens - the most important of which is being able to work legally.  We are so happy for him.

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