Saturday, 18 February 2012

Thurs. Feb. 16th 2012

With the increase of demonstration - some of which were pretty ugly - Brent & I decided to register with the Canadian Embassy.  We tried to register online, but after three tries, we couldn't make it work, so we went down there to do it. Compared to the US Embassy it was an insignificant place.  Our Embassy in China's was way better.  Out on the street there was a guard and we had to show our passport to her before she would let you in the door.  The door was heavily barred, with metal,  but in a decorative design so that it didn't stand out as a barrier so much.  We were told to go through the door together, but one had to wait just inside at the foot of about 6 stairs, while the other went up the stairs (me) and let them scan my purse and answer questions about it's contents, then I walked through an (airport-style) scanner and I think they didn't like what they heard (I had on a sweater with metal buttons on it) because then, I had to take my coat off and let them scan me with a hand scanner.  Then my purse went over to another scanner - you put it on the belt which carries it through the x-ray - and they then, discovered that I had nail scissors in the purse, which I had to take out, and they put them in a cupboard and gave them back to me when I left the premises!!  We were ushered into an ordinary waiting room - it had four  8 x 10 pictures - one of PM Harper, and I didn't get a good look at the others  -  it also had as many pictures of native art.  We noticed some newspapers in English and I spotted a hockey picture featuring the Canadiens team - the only bright spot in the whole place. We were able to get the forms we needed from the girl behind a very secure glass barrier - so secure, it was hard to make yourself heard by her.  After some questions and, maybe them getting a bit of a feel that we were genuine and harmless, they were nice enough to us.  The guy that did the scanning on us was most nice to us as we left and we had a nice little chat with him.  so, that's kind of what the Embassy is like here.   Interesting, eh!


We had to pick Pres. and Sis. charles up from the airport after supper.  that's always nice as you get to hear what's going on in Cyprus.

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