Friday, 24 February 2012

Thurs. Feb. 23rd 2012

It was Prep day.  Sis. Charles, Brent and I went to the hairdressers.  I had a perm and Sis. Charles got some highlights in her hair and Brent got a haircut - so that was nice.

Brent went to the bank to transfer money to a couple in Cyprus yesterday and came home quite quickly - he was unable to do it because he had to fill out four forms and have "the stamp" on each one and signed properly!!!   So today, he went back for another try at getting that done and was successful this time.  We should be getting used to the Greek methods, but whenever cease to be surprised.

The Assts. came looking for help with mold problem that they are having with their apartment.  Mold can be a real problem here for whatever reason.  During the day, we have a de-humidifier going constantly in our bedroom and we have to keep the closet doors open all the time or we would have mold also.  Every week the cleaning lady goes over any walls ceilings etc. that show sign of becoming moldy.  Anyway, these poor kids were in Cyprus for a week and the mold took over while they were away.  They took pictures of it for us to see!!  We gave them a bottle of bleach.

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