Friday, 10 February 2012

Thurs. Feb. 9th

IMG 0740

Here are the promised pictures of the boots purchased to do the clean-up on Tues.

At about 6am, we were already Skyping our son as it was his birthday yesterday, but it was still yesterday there, so we made it in time for "his day"!!   It was super to chat with him.

It was Prep. Day, but even so we had much to do in the office and the Assts. were busy on the computers too.  We took them out to the airport and decided to wander around Ikea after  -  which is in a very convenient locality - right by the airport!!!  Just too much temptation!   We picked up a few kitchen gadgets and a bag of their famous frozen meat balls.  It was still cold and somewhat snowy today, but down there around the airport it is a lot lower and it seemed like a pleasant day.

We learned that  there are big demonstrations going on tomorrow and most public transportation is down starting at 5am and lasting for 48 hours!!   Also, the post office was closed again today.  That's twice this week.

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