Thursday, 2 February 2012

Thurs. February 2nd.

It's stopped snowing and turned to rain.  The nicest part is that the wind has died down and therefore, it feels a lot warmer - and by lunch time it began to clear.  In a couple of months, we'll be wishing we had some "cool" I bet.

It's Prep. Day and of course the Assistants are here.  They get to use the computers to do their weekly letters home etc.  They are really nice and it's a whole lot of fun watching them "operate."  In many ways they are pretty naive and it's hilarious, but they seem to get things done anyway.

We went out for a bit and I got my hair cut - that feels good.  Dad just made his famous banana bread, but used very large bananas and it filled the pan too full and now he's scraping the mess off the bottom of the oven!!

Just about finished the month end reports and orders.  It feels good to have it done this soon as in pasts months that has not been the case!!

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