Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Tues. Feb. 14th. 2012

Valentine's Day!   My honey bought me chocolates - yummmm!   Got some nice Valentine emails.

The post office wasn't on strike today, so Brent was able to get mail.  Soon after he got back, a phone call from our Pres. generated some phone calls on our part.  Instructions on keeping safe - where and where not to go - etc. - as there are more disturbances going on.  As mentioned before, we are 15 Km from the centre and pretty isolated from demonstrations, but Brent went down to the hub of Kifissia (about 3 miles from us) to pay a bill and when he came out of the building, there was a demonstration happening.  About 150 people marching along Kifissia Ave. (peaceably) but he wasn't taking any chances - he got a cab home!

Tons of work to do - I don't know where it all keeps coming from!!

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