Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Tues. Feb. 21st 2012

It was a nice sunny day today - is it possible that we really will see some warmer temperatures finally?  Even the folks here say it has been an unusually cold winter for Greece.

I had my second to last dental appointment this afternoon where she fitted the new bridge and made some adjustments (she is very thorough) and next visit, it will be all finished and polished ready to go.  I'm going to miss our talks.  About the last four visits we have had about a 20 minute chat before she started working on me and she is a wonderful lady - full of curiosity and well read - so I learned a lot about Greece from her and she learned a lot about Canada from me.  It was fun!  That part, anyway!

I began working out a better system for me to keep track of orders for Thesseloniki, Cyprus and Athens - trying to match the deliveries with the orders.  They never seem to come filled as ordered - you always have back-orders to keep track of and they sometimes, don't get filled before you have put in two more monthly orders.  I was going nuts trying to keep track of them - and even trying to sort it all out for the last three months I have papers spread out all over the office!!!  We'll see if I can get it together tomorrow because it's time to submit the March order!

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