Friday, 10 February 2012

Tues. Feb. 7th

Well, the maintenance man that was here helping last night would not let us turn on the boiler even though we had removed all the water!!  He said everything had to be checked first.  The language problem was huge and he obviously had no way of knowing how competent Brent was with boilers!!!  So, about 4:30pm today, he came and put the boiler back on and it didn't take long for warmth to be felt, thankfully, as it was still snowing and rainy outside.  The maintenance man did something wrong when he started up the boiler (something to do with putting water in the tank instead of air, I think) anyway Brent was doing his best to let this guy know that he was in error - gesturing and drawing diagrams and when he realized Brent was making sense that "broke the ice " so to speak, and he suddenly became more interested and attentive to Brent - they actually got on pretty good after that.  Needless to say, we spent a pretty cold day - but there were lots of people around and lots going on.  The Colliers decided to miss the Zone Conference and give us a help with clean up.  We did many loads of washing and drying and the men went downstairs with buckets and mops and bleach to disinfect the place.  Before they did that, Elder Collier and Dad went shopping for rubber boots (last night, just about all the missionaries and older men had their shoes totally soaked) and you should see the boots they came back with - we'll put a picture on the blog of those!!!  Fortunately, the area where there was sewage back up was mostly confined to the boiler room and the elder's apartment was spared that kind of contamination.  Another plus, is that the floors are all marble down there, and cold as it might be, there are no rugs or carpet of any kind, so that make clean-up a lot easier too.  It was so fun having the Colliers with us.  The help was marvelous, but they are a tremendous couple and loads of fun, so it was an absolutely super time being with them.  We found out the Conference was shortened because some of the missionaries had to get home on the Metro and it stopped running at 5pm because of a strike!!   About 5:30, Pres. & Sis Charles and a whole bunch of missionaries arrived unannounced!!!  Pres. wanted to see what condition the basement was in and he did a couple of interviews as well.  The great part was that he said for us to order pizzas - so it was a nice break not having to scrounge up a meal for that many.

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