Thursday, 2 February 2012

Tues. January 31st

Well, it looks like Canada outside - wind blowing like crazy, fine, dry snow "falling" sideways and we are FREEZING!   Our hot-water system is all frozen up - it is run by solar power and sits on the roof and we have no hot water for sinks and showers. The hot water heating system is separate and is fueled by oil which set-up is in the basement - thank goodness!   Update!  We got the hot water back on by 4:00 pm, so that wasn't so bad.

This is one time I hate to admit, but I am grateful for the funny little front load clothes washer that they have here as it runs on cold water, which, when taken in to the washer, then is heated up there!!!

A lovely day for us as we received a big envelope with pictures, a special calendar and Christmas mail that came to our home address.  It certainly is the weather for it!! but it really made our day.


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