Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Wed. Feb. 15th 2012

Here it is Wednesday again and once more it is not taking the usual agenda of meetings, because the President is in Cyprus - so it was kind of a catch up day.

We received notice that a senior couple will be coming, maybe by the end of April.  That will be really good as we "lose" a couple on March 5th - they have served 23 months and done a marvelous job.  So, when missionaries come and go, we have, what we call "arrival" packages and "release" packages to make up.  When they come, they get orientation booklets,  guides and helps to aid them in settling in.  When they go, they get letters and a history of their service plus a certificate and such like.

One of the Assts' jobs is to take the mail from here to the two zones  in Athens, but since they are in Cyprus right now, everyone has to wait.  We have mail sitting here for the two sisters and they have been soooo anxious for it.  They phoned today to say that they were getting permission to come up here to the mission office to get some things out of their bags, which are in storage here in the basement!!!!   Of course, they checked their mail too!!!   I would like to see how necessary it was to have whatever they got out of their bags!!  They are reallocate girls though.

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