Friday, 10 February 2012

Wed. Feb. 8th

Our "Wednesday Meeting Day" took on a different agenda today.  President Charles asked our CES couple to put together a video featuring each of the senior couples in Greece with the intent to send it to our Stake Presidents to be an aid in recruiting senior couples to serve missions!!

Of course, it was not a particularly sober experience  -  when you get that many sr.  couples together away from their regular assignments, they tend to goof off just as much than the young missionaries.  The video part was seriously attended too (except after each one had done it and the critique was done - that situation was ripe for humor and much fun was had by all.)   Sis. Charles had a nice lunch for us - a big steaming pot of soup - which was great as it was really snowing and cold.

Soon after that, the Thessaloniki missionaries (including the Colliers) piled in their cars and headed back home.  We thought for a while we might be keeping them one more night because of the storm, but by then, it had let up and the roads were better.  We still had company for dinner though - the Assts. opted to stay in the downstairs apartment overnight because we are going to drive them to the airport tomorrow - they are going to Cyprus.

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