Thursday, 2 February 2012

Wed. February 1st

Today, is more of the same, but the snow is wetter and is accumulating on the grass and sidewalks/steps and roads.  Down a nearby hill, they had a huge pile of salt - three truckloads worth - and men were filling bags and handing them out to people.  Just as well, because there were 6 cars sliding slowly down this hill and Dad was the 6th one.  Fortunately no-one banged into anything and with the spreading of some salt, everyone was quickly on their way.

Wednesdays is meeting day of course, and Pres. Charles was on the point of canceling, but when we tried calling attendees, they were already on their way.  Brent and I had made a huge pot of hamburger soup and he had picked up big loaves of bread from the deli.  We made up a Greek salad which is pretty easy over here - they just cut up tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, olives and feta and pour oil and vinegar and that's it!  Everyone appreciated the hot soup!

It sounds like all we do is cook and entertain - but we do manage to all our other work as well!!!  Well, try to, anyway.😜

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