Friday, 23 March 2012

Fri. Mar. 23rd 2012

Soon after we got up this morning we were treated to the noise of a lawn mower - "Hosepipe Harry"  (as he is called because he gets water everywhere - even under the doors sometimes when he waters) was mowing up a storm - the first of this season.

We still are not able to make long-distance calls from Athens!!!  I don't know what the problem is and when you try to call them about it you are put in t hold pattern until someone is available - but we can't wait that long and will probably be told (like before) "it's broken and we are working on it."

The Admin. elders  came up to get the van so they could help move furniture from an apartment that's just been closed - i.e. that is no longer being leased by the Church. I hope they get if completed tonight because it is "Greek Independence Day" weekend and there are demonstrations scheduled for both days as well as a parade and there are a bunch of streets closed for this which could be a problem for the elders.


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