Saturday, 31 March 2012

Fri. Mar. 30th 2012

Well  -  we spent hours trying to find out what exactly was the culprit for our internet loss .   Weather it was the modem, the firewall or the wifi.  At the very end of the day and lots of time on the phone to the church help desk, it was determined that it was the wifi that was the problem.  So we'll start again tomorrow to try to fix it.

We had the admin. elders here to day - their job today was to wash all the cars and fill them with gas.  That was going well until the fourth trip to the gas station when paying again with the mission credit card, it was refused!!  It seems that there is a limit as to how many times you can use the card at a convenience store (since they sold candy and drink etc. at that gas station it was classed as a convenience store).  So, Brent had to go down there with cash and bail them out!!  Then, he had to call the card company and inform them of the situation so that they didn't cancel the card - which would have meant that we would have had to wait about two weeks for a new one!!

It was one crazy day - not being able to get our regular work done because of the internet troubles and having admin. elders and the Assts. both around - but we love them - they are so much fun.  Weather again was beautiful though!

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