Saturday, 10 March 2012

Fri. Mar. 9th 2012

It started out a beautiful day, but clouded over later and the wind started blowing, so I think we are in for a change.  It was nice and warm though - we actually left the doors open for a bit.  We went for a short walk too - it felt good as we haven't done that in ages.

We had elder here all day again.  They are such good kids and very enjoyable to have around.  They work really hard.  They loaded up that shipment of paper towels, toilet paper etc. that came a few days ago and took it to Halandri Chapel for us - that REALLY helped.  And we fed them a couple of meals

The Assts. were kind of waiting for a call from Pres. Charles to tell them if the plans for the transfers were OK.  He hasn't called yet, so I think he's still mulling over things.

We found this snail about the size of a walnut in the garden.  He looked kind of pretty there, blending in with the leaves and twigs.

IMG 0789

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