Friday, 23 March 2012

Mon. Mar. 19th 2012

Like I said - this day began early with Pres. & Sis. Charles (they always pick up arriving and take departing missionaries) coming to pick up the departing missionaries at 4:45 am!!   As I understand it, they wanted to have breakfast at McDonald's there at the airport while they waited for their flights!!!  The 9:00 am flight group didn't mind the wait - they obviously had fun.  Later, Pres. & Sis. C. took the last sister at 1:00pm.   About that time we were notified that the first two (on their way to SLC) were held up so long in "passport control" in Paris that they missed their connecting flight to SLC.  As we tried to call the Missionary Travel Dept. in SLC it was then that we learned that long distance calls on our land-lines were down!!!  However, we were able to use our cell phone.  So there was a flurry of calls to parents and Missionary Travel to inform every one.

The next job was to pick up a sister at her home (she is serving a "mini-mission" for about three months, as we are now short one sister and we'll not get a replacement until July I think) and we've not been in that area before, so we had directions written out to get there - we were to exit at "exit 13" only to find that it didn't exist - so to cut a long story short, we got totally lost!  I guess it was time for a bit of humbling as we have felt pretty confident over the last while about going places in Athens, but that one pulled us up full-stop!  We were really close to their place and we stopped and asked people on the street where Kritis St. was and discovered that people in Athens do not know the names of their streets - they all go by landmarks!!!!  Anyway, by the time we found this sister, we were supposed to be at the airport to meet the sister who was coming in from Cyprus to be her companion.  Thank goodness for slow customs processing - we arrived just a few minutes after she came through the doors.


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