Saturday, 10 March 2012

Sat. Mar 10th 2012

We entered the MTC 5 months ago today!  I was right about the change in the weather.  The wind has been brutal -it's blowing at 50km but gusting higher than that, however, there hasn't been any precipitation as yet.

Usual shopping trip and uneventful morning - BUT - we received a help call from Halandri Chapel where the missionaries were trying to fill the baptismal font - they were unable to get hot water running into it again!!   The last e-mail I saw about that problem said that "to my knowledge, it's been fixed"  -  that was a week or so ago. Brent went and check things out and found power right up to the pump and then nothing - he thinks the pump has seized up.  Anyway, he found the missionaries running  like crazy - boiling water in the kitchen and running it to the font.  I haven't heard if it made an adequate amount of difference or not, but they REALLY tried.  We had go to the airport to get Pres. & Sis. Charles.  Every day brings a new challenge!


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