Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sat. Mar. 24th 2012

Lots of Geek flags around - especially the last two days - as it is Greek Independence Day on Sunday and they get started today with some parades.  This Day marks Greece's uprising against the Ottoman Empire in 1821.

As usual we did grocery shopping and I purchased a knee brace as it is still hurting.  I think I have injured the meniscus.  We tried to find some palatable honey!!  We have been looking for clover honey, but everything here seems to be the Thyme type and it just doesn't taste right.

Brent played the rescue man this afternoon.  He says, he was walking from the car to the office when he noticed a lady jammed in the process of trying to get out of the back seat of a sports car.  Her knees were jammed nearly to the floor behind the driver's seat.  The driver lady was trying to get her out and appeared to be having some success, but he didn't realize how badly she was jammed or how long they had been there.  As he was waiting for traffic to clear so he could cross the street, the lady vigorously waved him over and it was then that he realized how stuck she was. She was elderly and heavy.  First he tried to have her grab his arm so he could pull her out, but she had no arm strength or gripping power.  He tried to jockey the driver's seat forward to no avail.  Finally, he had her put her arms around his neck and he put his arms around her upper body and had her lean forward until he could get his left hand on top of the car and lever her out until she could get one foot on the ground.  Then she was able to get out.  Fortunately, she spoke some English and thanked him profusely.  He suspects she is bearing some bruises today!!

We also changed all our clocks forward tonight - losing an hour of precious sleep.

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