Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sun. Mar. 11th 2012

It was an interesting day at church  -  Brent and I were asked to take the Primary children - all five of them - normally there are six.  I was a lot of fun.  Those kids are very well mannered and well taught in the gospel so it was a delight to spend time with them.

Pres. Charles came to a decision about the transfers and now comes the time to figure how to get the missionaries to their new places - how to work out plane times so that they coincide i.e. making sure a missionary arrives about the time his/her companion leaves so that you don;t have a missionary without a companion for any length of time.  It can be a real headache.

As I suspected, that nasty wind was a harbinger of bad weather.  It was still blowing pretty hard early this morning, but dropped in the afternoon and rain began to pour - AND - it's cold!!!

This is, as Brent says, our "gasoline pony express"  -  on other words - our mailman!  He usually doesn't have much mail for us though - most of our mail goes to a P.O. box.

IMG 0798

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