Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sun. Mar. 25th 2012

Up early at 5:00 am (but really, it would have been 4:00 am yesterday) in order to drive President & Sis. Charles to the airport!!!

Today, being the real Greek Independence Day, all the members who normally meet in the Acropoli building came to our chapel for meetings.  The reason being the parades etc. going on around Acropoli building and with a good possibility of trouble breaking out there was very high security present.   There were parades all over the city actually and we had fun trying to make our way home after meetings as we ran into a couple of road blocks and pedestrians on the streets everywhere.  When we got back to the office Brent put out a Greek flag that he found in a cupboard - just to be a bit patriotic!

And here it is!

IMG 0852

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