Thursday, 8 March 2012

Thurs. Mar 8th 2012

We were out the door at 6:30 am to take Pres. And Sis. Charles to the airport.  They flew to Frankfurt to a Mission President's Seminar.  When we first went out, everything was so quiet, except for the birds - they were in full mode song practice - it was wonderful.

The contractor who was responsible for getting a man to us yesterday to put our power back on - who only flipped a switch basically - came by with his invoice to receive payment.  We nearly fell off our chairs when we saw that the total was 88 euros/ $120!!!

The Assts. were here again this morning, so we fed them breakfast - it was just scrambled eggs etc. but they were very grateful.  They are in the middle of planning transfers and Pres. C. was supposed to call them to let them know if the plan they had worked out was final.  Pres. C. seemed reluctant about something in the plan, so I guess these will be some adjusting yet.  If the plan was satisfactory, we would have been helping the Assts. make bookings on flights for those getting transferred.

The picture is of the tree just outside our bedroom window.  A week or so ago, it was just starting to bud out, but now it is in full glorious bloom.

IMG 0786

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