Thursday, 29 March 2012

Thurs. Mar.29th 2012

Prep day!  Brent and I both had hair cuts!  Now we can hear each other!!

The big news? - Our internet dropped.  After many phone calls and much searching of cables and machines, we discovered that our airport has died!!  I am now in the kitchen where there is an ethernet cable - but that doesn't help the office computers work.  We also learned that the airport was programed in Germany - so they are the only ones who can fix it!!!  We put in a call, but no one has replied yet.

Went to the airport to pick up Pres. & Sister Charles who returned from Cyprus.  There were a lot of military vehicles there.  We caught a glimpse of some high-powered military brass and some politicians with lots of security - we wondered what that was all about.

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