Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Tues. Mar. 13th 2012

Well, we thought the transfers were all done - but, guess what? - back came the Assts. with instructions from the President to make some changes.  Those poor elders had worked so hard on this, but they are still happy and smiling.

Changes made and the next job was the booking of flights and train rides.  I didn't have to do the train bookings, but I did take one of the elders through the process of booking planes flights on-line.  It's not that difficult - except that now, the airlines actually check with the bank re any U.S. credit card.  So, you go through the process on-line to where you've entered everything, including the payment information.  When you press "book now" instead of getting "confirmation" - you get a notice that your booking cannot be completed online and you must phone the "call centre" to finish your booking.  When you do that, they can actually check their computer somehow and see that you've fill in all your information.  However, there is a bit of a wait, while they check your credit card.  Anyway, there were 11 flights to book and by the time we had finished it had taken about three times as long!

It was another blustery, rainy day.  They are calling for much warmer temps for the next few days - whoopee!

I noticed this little lemon tree in our yard doing it's best to produce a couple of lemons.  It's cute!

IMG 0800

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