Friday, 23 March 2012

Tues. Mar. 20th 2012

Today should have been a quieter day for us as it was pretty well an all-day District and Training meeting for the missionaries at Halandri Chapel.  We had to transport the sister to it and was expecting the President to be there as Elder C. needed his signature on a document to get a large amount of money from the bank so that it would be wired to the Mission 2nd Couns. in Cyprus  -  but we had to wait a precious half hour before he arrived.  However, it was accomplished and Brent went to the bank on the way home - then we stopped by the delli and purchased what we needed to feel the hoards that night.

The weather has been absolutely beautiful for the last while - perhaps Spring is really here.  The temperature down at Halandri was 23 deg. but up here it was 20.  I think that bodes well for the summer that it might be a "bit more" comfortable up here.

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