Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Wed. Mar. 14th 2012

It was  sunnier today - really nice.

Wednesday meetings were happening as usual, but with an extra "buzz" because of transfers.  Lots of talk re the changes and Pres. C. was busy phoning each missionary to tell them if they were being moved or not.  Pres. C. interviews us about every two months to see how we are faring.  Today, he basically thanked us for the work we've been doing - which was very nice, but we wonder if we really merited that.

I tripped on a teeny little edge of a path in the parking area inside a mall today.  I am sore, but no real damage, I don't think.  We had to get some bottled water for the dispenser in the office.  We would have purchased two or three, but they had only one left.  I guess that's better than none.

Brent took a picture of the travel folder with all the colored tabs showing the different flights that are up-coming.

IMG 0802

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