Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Wed. Mar 7th 2012

The day began normally with us preparing for the meetings, until Brent tried to change a lightbulb!   The glass broke at the base when he was trying to unwind it and contact was made with something that it shouldn't have and - BOOM - lights, computers, just about everything in the office went off!   Then  there was the big search for what breaker went out.  Apparently, there was a panel in an obscure place where the offending breaker lived and when found, all that was needed was to turn it on.  An electrician came after four hours and took a cover off a panel that was supposed to be sealed and flipped a little switch and - bravo - we had power again.  That cost us 88 euros!

I had an awful time with a report form in Excel that had been upgraded by someone. I could not get the information that I was typing in it to stay there.  When I tried to attach the completed form to an e-mail, it somehow dropped the text.  It is so frustrating not to be able have things work for you.  With some excellent help, we did manage to get it done and sent on time.

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