Saturday, 7 April 2012

Fri. Apr. 6th 2012

Things have been crazy since Tuesday morning.  Brent went down to the post office to get the mail and as he pulled away - (after checking behind because about 50 meters back of him is a huge traffic circle [8 roads feed into it] from which vehicles come spinning out of, usually at a high rate of speed) - a motorcyclist collided with the side of his car.  Brent was only doing about 10km at that point, but the man's bike got caught in the front fender and his arm hit the side-view mirror and he was thrown off and slid about 20 meters down the road.  He had a helmet on which does not seem to be mandatory here as you see many cyclists with no helmet.  He was a bit dazed at first and there was bleeding from his arm.  The police came and took the necessary info' and by that time the man was anxious to go - he had been on his way to the hospital to see his son who had had an aneurysm - and so he hopped on his bike saying that he was going to go home and clean is arm and change his shirt and go on down to the hospital!!  We HOPE he wasn't badly hurt, but the language barrier is a problem when trying to find out such things.  Even if you understand a little bit, they speak so fast, you are left behind trying to translate.       Anyway, although Brent had no physical injuries, he has been a mess emotionally since then. He feels really bad that it happened.  His car was well in motion before that man came up on him and tried to pass him and was likely on or over the double lines, because Brent was passing cars that were double parked!                                      Since then there has been the usual reports to fill out and submit and all that requiring help, because of the language -  it's a good thing that we have elders around to help translate!  - and get the car in for the insurance people to look at it. The insurance people are the ones who decide where "the blame" lies. The other thing that is front and centre right now is that Brent is going through the most ions of applying for his Greek driver's license.  We wonder how the accident might affect that???

It's been an unusual week anyway, as President and Sister Charles have been doing interviews every day here at the mission office and extra work has been coming my way to help with the plans for an upcoming Mission Tour with Pres. Wirthlin (Apostle Wirthlin's son in the Area Office).  Lots of typing, booking hotels and flights and trying to get the "month-end" tidied up  -  none of which is easy for me when there are a lot of people around, but I'm learning.

Today, we had a new couple arrive in the mission.  Elder and Sister Elks from Johannesburg, but previously from England..  They have brought a wealth of experience with them and will certainly be an asset to our mission.  We were invited to go along with Pres. & Sis. Charles to take them to lunch which was very enjoyable.

I think we have really turned the corner and are well into Spring now.  About three weeks ago there were blossoms out all over the place - but you should se it now!        Blossoms and flowers everywhere.

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