Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Mon. Apr. 9th 2012

This is betting to be a habit - missing a couple of days of my blog!!!  Needless to say, there has been so much going on that it's been very hard to do my "own stuff" lately.

Saturday, was a pretty quiet day as everybody was supposed to go to Halandri Chapel to watch the recorded sessions of General Conference.  We couldn't go because the cleaning lady comes on Saturdays and someone has to be here with her.  However, we were able to bring it up on the computer, so that worked for us.  The rest of our day was "catching up" on things.

Sunday, we did go to Halandri Chapel and watch the recorded Sunday sessions of Conference.  It was in Greek, but we had earpieces to get it in English.  I wondered who the translators were.  I reasoned that they spoke Greek so well, they must be native Greeks which meant that they would likely be from Athens, so I asked Elder Mower from Acropoli Branch - who were these people that were translating?  To my astonishment, he told me that the translations were all done HERE by our own members!!!  One of them a current missionary!  They sounded so professional.  We had a pot-luck lunch between sessions - I took Sweet & Sour Meatballs and rice.

Monday was  another circus for Brent.  He's in the process of both getting the damaged car attended to and obtaining the necessary "stuff" for his Greek driver's license.  He took the car into Opel place where the insurance adjustor was to come and assess the damage.  It had started out a nice day, but by the time he got back to the office (around noon) the skies had clouded over and looked threatening.  The following is a pr√©cis of what Brent had to do.


Tune in for more!!

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