Monday, 16 April 2012

Sat. Apr. 14th 2012

Yesterday was the draggiest day that we've had since we've been here.  Climbing all over the Acropolis in the fresh air and sunshine must have taken more out of us than we thought!!!  It was worth it - but we sure found it hard to concentrate and get our work done.

Today was better.  We did our usual shopping, but it was extremely busy as it is the Orthodox Easter weekend and I think I reported before that Greeks put more emphasis and celebration on Easter than Christmas.  At the grocery store, in the meat department there was actually a crowd.  People lined up, waiting their turn to get huge sides of lamb? or pork - anyway some large side of meat.  They take that and put it on a spit and wrap it in intestines and let it cook for hours and hours.  They say the intestines, when done are wonderfully crispy!!  In the late afternoon early evening, we notices a couple of neighbors out in their yards preparing this meat - almost seeming to make a celebration of doing even that part  -  lots of drinking and joviality!  A lot of our day was spent preparing cakes - cooking chicken - and we bought  48 LARGE carrots and chunked them ready to cook Sunday morning.  This was to take down to the Acropoli Branch because of Easter being such a big family day and there are quite a number of young single adults there with no family to go to.  In the afternoon we had our first experience going on a visit to a lady whose husband sent us her name to visit.  We went with two elders.  She is a very nice lady - works in the Nigerian Embassy and has three of her children here with her, and her husband, who is working in Edmonton has the other daughter there with him.  He met the missionaries and was baptized and he wants her to learn about the church too.  While we were there, there was a huge thunder and lightning storm and a downpour of rain.  When we left after visiting with Florence, there was still water rushing down, spilling out of the gutters and all over the road - but, at least the tun was shining!

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  1. The druggiest day? Not the draggiest?? As in, you were on lots of drugs? Do tell!