Monday, 16 April 2012

Sun. Apr. 15th 2012

We took all our prepared food to Halandri Chapel with us this morning so that we didn't have to come back up here and then go back down to Acropoli Chapel.  Being Easter Sunday, attendance was very poor - Greeks have very strong family relationships and so it was expected that many of them would be with their families - attendance totaled 12 including us and two young elders!  Brent and I had to speak and the topic was Repentance.  It felt funny, speaking to so few.  So after just the one meeting, we went across to Acropoli Branch.  Brent figured there were about 35 there - that included 16 missionaries and the rest were young single adults.  We began watching  "Jesus of Nazareth" a 1977 film, which goes for about 6 hours.  Half way through we stopped it for lunch, which was a chicken sauce over rice with carrots and salads and buns.  Desert was different kind of cakes.  We actually had had enough of the film around 4:00 pm and came home.  I liked it, but it was too long - watching a TV screen for that amount of time - even though it was a large one!!  This Chapel is quite close to the Acropolis and the following is a photo taken from the upstairs balcony of the Chapel.  It is of the back part of the Acropolis.  It looks closer that it is because of the zoom lens.  The large black area on the right, halfway down the side, is some sort of a large cave.

IMG 0938

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