Sunday, 15 April 2012

Thurs. Apr. 12th 2012

Preparation Day and we went on an outing!  We went with Elder & Sis. Mower the CES couple and Elder and Sis. Elks, the new couple to the Acropolis.  It was lots of uphill slopes and stair climbing - but we went at an easy pace with a few breaks on the way to look at the views from different places.  It was pretty busy with tourists, but not crowded.  It was an ideal day for it - not too hot or too cold, so that might have accounted for the big turnout.  Once at the top, there were four main things  to look at. The entrance part is the "Propylaea" (built abt 432 BC) - it is supposed to have paintings or frescoes on the north wing (which we couldn't see) that part is called the "Pinokotheke" which means "The Art Gallery."   Then the Parthenon (which everyone knows).  It is huge and they are doing a major reconstruction of it and it was roped off -  also, eventually, all the buildings that were on top of this hill they will restore, if they can.  As you walk around, you pass piles of marble pieces and stone pieces which are numbered carefully and these areas are roped off too.  The Parthenon was erect in "the 2nd half of the 5th c. BC" and was dedicated to the goddess Athena.  Then there was the "Erechtheion" which was built abt 420 BC and housed "earlier cults."  It was named after a legendary Greek hero named Erichthonius!  It is much smaller than the Parthenon and has six draped female figures (caryatids) as supporting columns which are very interesting to see.  They were the only sculptured forms that we saw up there.  The fourth thing of note for us was at the opposite end to the entrance and was right as the edge of the hill in the form of a lookout area.  You had to go up a narrow set of steps to get to it and it was a nice little enclosed (by a wall) area with a flag pole in the middle an a 360 degree view to die for!  The most fun part was most everyone spoke to everyone else and the main language there was English because they were all tourists.  We met a lady who lived two houses down from Adam!!!  Mowers met some relatives from Richfield Utah - we spoke to some girls from Hanna High school.  It was amazing and so much fun.

This is the Propylaea - where we entered.

IMG 0946

This is the Parthenon.

IMG 0958

This is the Erechthereion - with the female figures.

IMG 0954

This the Mowers and us at the "lookout area"

IMG 0968

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