Friday, 13 April 2012

Wed. Apr. 11th 2012

Yesterday, the poor Assts. reported that they have been having to deal with cockroaches in their apartment!!  The one elder is a bit of a "clean-freak" and is especially "grossed out" about it.  so Brent had to get in on the act and told them all that they must do -like filling in any holes and getting spray etc.  So, he went and got some expanding foam for them to use and Pres. Charles had some very strong product that they put down after they had filled the holes.  However, the latter product was so strong they had to stay away from the apartment for a day or two, so they've been staying downstairs.

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  1. Cockroaches we're commen place in my mission, we used to set off smoke bombs that were supposed to kill them but how do you kill an insect that can survive nuclear fall out? I remember in one area we would wake up and say our companionship and personal prayers in the dark, then one of us would go to the light switch and the other to the vacuum that had been plugged in the night before. 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... Light goes on and vacuum starts up to quickly try and grab a couple of roaches before they scurry to the walls. Oh, good memories.